Spock Would Have Been a Great Trader

Spock Would Have Been a Great Trader

I’m an old guy.

I’m old enough, to appreciate when Sci Fi was becoming a legitimate movie genre, with the release of Star Wars.

But even before that, there was the Star Trek TV series.

The Star Trek TV series was released a little before my time, but since it was one of those series that developed the cult following much later, after it’s initial release, I was able to experience the pop culture phenomena that unfolded.

Back in the day, it wasn’t all about the special effects – folks dove DEEP into the plot lines and characters of sci fi movies.  And, with Star Trek, there was this special once-in-lifetime occurrence, when something got into the collective mindset of the mainstream viewing public, that was sort of magical.   When the show was initially written, Kirk was to be the captivating dashing main man, and Spock was to be an oddity.  Spock was meant to be interesting for what he was – alien, and unique.  But an odd thing happened as the fan base matured.  People LIKED Spock, more than Kirk.  People were fascinated by the character.

The were Absolutely fascinated.  A being, half human with all the human frailties.  And half Vulcan – incredibly intelligent and passionate at birth, but then stripped of all his emotions in a strange ghastly coming of age ritual.  The fan based watched as Spock struggled with the discord, inside deeply feeling his human mother’s essence, while at the same time controlling himself to be consummately logical.

Millions of fans wondered what it’d be like, to be Spock.

Everyone identified.

I say all that, hoping that you, dear reader, will identify, too, as it pertains to trading.

Spock would have made a good trader.

Passion makes the world go round, so to speak, and I’m thankful. And passion, or lets say emotion, particularly greed and fear, some say, make the markets go up and down.

Personally, I myself, I really don’t try to understand how greed and fear influence the overall market, particularly in any larger time frame.  But I do know EXACTLY how those emotions influence ME, as I trade the market in the short time frame.  And, having made kabrillions of trades over the years, and seeing my emotions impact my profitability on a lot of those trades, I, effectively, wish I was Spock.

Spock is my hero.  My trading hero, at least.

So what would it be like, to be Spock, as he trades?

Why would Spock enter a trade?  Because an intelligent analysis of the data at hand reveal that it is a logical, and likely to be profitable, course of action.

Would Spock have pre-determined stops and targets in place before he entered a trade?  Of course!

Would Spock ever, on a discretionary basis, alter his trade after he’s entered it?  Never!

Would Spock make mistakes?  Rarely!

Would Spock whine like a baby after a losing trade?  Illogical.

Would Spock get exuberant & pile on a bigger position size, after a satisfying prior winning trade?  Logic would not dictate such an action.

I may only be a simple country doctor, but I think Spock would have made a great trader.

Happy Trading!

– Andy


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