8 thoughts on “Looking for a bounce in ES right now (Buy ES NOW tg=2574.00 st=2569.00 ts=15:50 (Disc))

  1. Sorry for the slow post. Had issues understanding what delimters to use in the post. I guess “< < >>” and “<>” are problematic, but “( )” work. Anyway, entry at 71.75.

  2. Premise is just a look at the internals. Tick extreme. Also, both ES and YM were hitting their yesterday’s close, which is a point where you see bounces often.

  3. Wow, that was fast. FILLED ! Woo-hoo. A quick, painless winner. Such a wonderful trade. A thing of beauty. Very happy with this one.

  4. Another feel-good trade. A quick winner. In the trade about 4 minutes. 2 1/4 points in 4 minutes, not bad.

  5. Re-studying trade – don’t see much not to have liked about it. I feel bad I had to re-edit the post title to remove the “<>” characters & replace them with “()” characters – sorry if that confused anyone. This was a discretionary trade, and like all discretionary trades, you can talk yourself into believing anything you want to, about how wise or foolish you were. At the time of the entry, NQ and TF were not about to hit any level at which you’d expect a bounce, looking back one day. And if you ignore the day before yesterday, both were in areas where price could have continued free-falling. But both YM and ES hitting a key level, combined with the high tick reading, was probably enough to make it a good set-up. …. Looking at price this exact instant, makes you wonder if we could have made more, but I’m still happy with the choice of the original target – it’s a (eyeballed) 50% retrace of the drop starting at 13:06.

  6. Summary – WINNER WINNER, solid setup, quick trade, solid premise, and it was a money-maker. All good things. 2 1/4 points in a few minutes. Life is good.

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