OK, here we go.  Will be very touchy calling this entry.   YM, ES, TF went past LODs,  NQ not yet.   all the 5 minutes charts do no yet look parabolic.  For that to happen on ES, most likely, NQ will need to break LOD, and if it does so convincingly, it’ll surely push down a bit quickly & nudge the other markets.   The NQ LOS was put in around 10:10, hours ago, so there will be some stops below LOD.

FOMC “Fed Day” Calendar thru Dec 2018

Hey all –

If you’re like me, you like to be aware of “Fed Days.” It seems, to me, that the market gets a little quiet right up to the release of the meeting minutes, and then volatility picks up a bit. A lot of intraday traders either close out their positions before the release of the minutes, or loosen up their stops. Also – others have shown that overall, Fed Days are more bullish than normal, and more so in the afternoon.

Also, if you’re like me, you need a calendar to remind you of Fed Days. Generally, they’re once every 6 weeks. The meeting minutes are generally released at 2:00 ET on the last day of the meetings, a Wednesday. The upcoming Fed Days, through 2018, are:


  • Dec 13


  • Jan 31
  • Mar 21
  • May 2
  • June 13
  • Aug 1
  • Sept 26
  • Nov 8
  • Dec 19

Note that with the March, June, Sept, and Dec meetings, there is a press conference with usually a presentation by the Fed Chairman. There is sometimes some extra volatility as that press conference is being conducted.

Hope this is helpful,

– Andy