19 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2812.00 st=2808.00 ts=eod (disc)

  1. risk & reward exccursions are about equal on this one. Happy with the entry, though, for sure.

  2. I don’t have any studies to prove it, but it seems 3:45 is a perfect time to expect these sorts of trades to start working out.

  3. the best pattern for a long here would be more like what TF had today – a clear trend up day, with little points in time, or levels, at which it’d be obvious for shorts to exit. The ES pattern isn’t ideal,for sure. And Friday’s are, I think, more a gamble. The core issue is whether more longs, or more shorts, want to exit & not hold over the weekend. On the ES chart, the BO on the 15:30 bar would have been a great entry.

  4. traded at target for just a moment. Nine minutes left in the trade. This is a scalp & things can be furious at Friday COD.

  5. this trade has definitely done what I thought it would, but we’re not out. These sorts of situations are hard, emotionally, for discretionary trades. And the outcome will feel random (and, more or less, be random) when you have tight targets and stops. We’ll just have to give this another bit of time. 6 minutes till close.

  6. Arg, just missed it again. Traded at 11.50, might have gotten a fill. Not sure how many contracts went through at 11.50 on that pop. Right now, 1000 ish contracts on 11.50.

  7. After-the-trade thoughts: Pretty happy with this. A discretionary trade, for sure. And a scalp.
    The premise was good, and the entry on the pullback was really good. Reigning in the target the second time was probably more an emotions-based decision than a well considered one, shame on me. Of course, in hindsight, you can see that on this one trade, today, the original target was hit (and then some.) But that’s not really so important; what’s important is that we did the most intelligent thing, at the time we did it, based on the data at hand at that moment. So, yep, I’m really happy with the trade. A winner, and a good close to a great trading day.

  8. A good day. Life is good. This winner brings the winning streak to 7 or 8 trades now. Would have to go back to see exactly. Very happy with this.

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