9 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2780.00 st=2762.00 ts=14:30 (disc)

  1. Ok, all giddiness aside for a moment. That was a lucky, lucky fill. Happens from time to time, but it’s rare. Something to be thankful for.

  2. So, let’s do some thoughful post-trade analysis. The premise that the day’s range was put in, so effectively, a mean reversion trade. But when a bounce happened to happen (quickly) just as we entered, this became a different trade. It became a scalp, trading the bounce.

  3. The trade was very profitable, which makes a person want to believe they were really brilliant. But the reality is that there were multiple levels of discretion going on, and price action was just simply “good to us.” Discretionary trading – it’s fun & exciting, so super emotionally rewarding when you’re winning. Here it was very fun & exciting, but honestly, this sort of outcome is pretty rare. Let’s let ourselves be really happy about this trade, but let’s not think it’ll often be this way.

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