10 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2777.00 st=2759.50 ts=14:30 (disc)

  1. It’s looking unlikely that TF will break HOD when the other markets do, so I don’t see any potential of a boost form its running up. ES and NQ are both near HODs right now. Those breaking out could boost the Dow as well, perhaps to a BO.

  2. After-the-trade thoughts:

    Premise was that a close near HODs was likely, with perhaps some early short squeeze, given the gaps up and the patterns on the day. ES, NQ, and the Dow all did NOT pull back to the prior days closes, so intraday traders who were short from the open need to close. Plus, it’s a Monday. Plus, the trends on NQ, ES, and YM are all very linear (and “boring”) so more excursion to the upside was likely.

    The entry was clearly early, if the only premise had been a short squeeze. But the likelihood of the trend continuing into near the close was good, given patterns.

    Target was appropriate.

    Stop could have been a tick or two higher. Would have made for a better reward/risk ratio, and a larger size trade.

    All in all, I’m very happy with this trade. A sweet, very profitable, easy, stress-free winner!

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