12 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2674.00 st=2666.00 ts=15:50 (disc)

  1. Reasons NOT to like the trade: It’s Friday, YM nearly broke its LOD a few minutes ago.

    Reasons to like the trade: high/tight patterns on a lot of stocks right now & kinda/sorta on on ES too. NQ breaking it’s HOD, the move at 10:16 has a healthy 50% pullback, YM could bounce off its LOD, TF pattern looks good for another break of the high.

  2. NQ get a tiny reject at its HOD. If it’s momentary, it might break hod again, which could easily be all the nudge we need to get ES at our target.

  3. After-the-trade thoughts: Actually, it looks nearly perfect. I diddled around a little bit, as I was putting in the entry, and could have gotten a better entry – one perhaps two ticks better. But other than that, it looks pretty good. Still, a scalp trade, and discretionary, so it’s hard to know what to learn from the trade. But, it was a great call, a money maker. I’m happy with the trade. 2 1/4 points in just a few minutes, with only a tick or two of negative excurion – it doesn’t get much better than that. Life is good.

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