18 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2584.50 st=2581.00 ts=16:14

  1. Don’t expect all the markets to unwind the same, as they approach close of day. May or may not follow one another. 9 minutes to go.

  2. disclosure: if there’s a push ahead of 4:00, but 84.00 isn’t hit, will prob close out in the flurry of orders at that time. (if it happens)

  3. if you’re not comfortable holding through the time the market’s closed, don’t do it. Know for sure, for example, if your broker will execute your order 4:00 thru 4:14:59.

  4. 4 and a half minutes to go. Tight stop, tight target. This is a scalp trade. Can go either way. Tis the nature of of quick scalp trades.

  5. three minutes. Looking at ranges of the 1 & 2 minute bars on the pullback from the HOD. Moving target to 83.50 .

  6. Post – trade thoughts: Soooo, this turned out to be sort of a “catch the falling knife” trade. I have no insights into that sort of thing, and, honestly, have only read about it within the context of reading about trading lore. I only know that that sort of entry sort of scares me. In this case, we got a better fill than I’d have otherwise expected, and that better fill probably is what made us money on this trade. So again, should we feel good about this trade? Price moved a little different (just a little) than I expected, so on one hand I feel like I should introspect & be critical. On the other hand, price did more more or less the way I expected, and …. we made money. Again, it’s something that’s inescapable with discretionary trading – you never know whether you were right or wrong, just whether you made money. Today, on this trade, we made money. 4 ticks in a few minutes, with our maximum negative excursion during the trade being 5 ticks. That’s fine – that’s good actually. So, me, I feel good about this trade. Another winner. I’ll have to check – I think this might be 4 winners in a row. Life is good. I’m happy.

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