15 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2581.00 st=2575.25 ts=15:50 (disc)

  1. NQ and ES broke HOD together, perfect for the trade. TF doesn’t have any barrier levels ahead of it, that’s good for the trade. NQ is still running a bit right now, very good for the trade.

  2. After-The-Trade thoughts: I really like this trade, not that it’s done. The BO was as expected, NQ and ES broke out more or less synchronized, which looked like it would happen. I think there definitely were stops about the 79.25 highs hit at 9:42, 10:20, adn 12:15. (The only thing that I didn’t expect was the flash of orders at 13:44 – that sort of thing is really emotionally hard to take, since you never know what caused them & have no control.)

  3. The basic premise of the trade was the break-out (of the HOD) itself, on a day of a large opening gap down. Traders always stew over whether they got in too early – in this case, one could say a better entry would be at 79.25 (plus or minus one tick.) And setting the target was really, really subjective. You could have picked half the 11:28 to 12:16 move, or half the day’s total range, or even half the 13:13 to 13:36 move. Again, more of the joys of discretionary trading – you’ll never know if you did things right, just whether you made or lost money. On this trade, we made money.

  4. All told, I’m really happy. A quick, easy winner. Very little negative excursion. And the market action did exactly what our premise predicted. Life is Good !!

  5. Update: Just broke thru 81.00, so we could have made even another couple ticks. Happy with A WINNING TRADE. 2 1/4 points winner!

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