17 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2462.00 st=2457.00 ts=15:50 (Disc)

  1. consolidation play. Ideally, would have liked a little more range in the ES prior to entry, and for TF / NQ to have already been pulled to their yesterdays’ lows.

  2. Will watch for the next few minutes. Good chance NQ will bounce off lows & ES will trade at it’s HOD some more We’ll see.

  3. ES & YM were at HOD when NQ was at LOD & TF nearly at LOD. Still close to the market open, so it’s not not horribly unusual. But, still, nerve-racking to watch. Us, we’re happy right now. A great trade.

  4. WOO-HOO! broke through 62.00, so everyone with a sell there got filled. So, we can feel very good about the target price! …. An excellent trade! Quick 14 ticks with zero negative excursion. ….. It’s interesting to note that, mathematically, there is Absolutely No Reason to feel emotionally bad about this trade, but, during the trade, there were lots of reasons to stress out. The NQ could have started running when it broke the LOD, which would have likely caused our target not to get hit, even though at the time we were just a couple ticks shy of the target. That’s #1. #2 – “lucky fills” always make you second-guess yourself. …. So, I’d say, this particular trade is a great learning opportunity. It was, in reality, a perfect trade, looking at it analytically. But, as an emotional human being, we got our emotions up – and when folks are emotional, they do things that often reduce their profits – in this case, I felt myself being pulled to pull up my stop, or get out if price had traded at my target w/o my being filled.

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