21 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2445.50 st=2439.50 ts=15:50 (Disc)

  1. TF at 2 days ago high, ES, NQ, and YM all pulled back to open area. ES big buyers have seen the pullback to the open and yesterday’s close. Hunch is ES is more likely to extend range upwards than down next.

  2. Looks like YM would break HOD before ES is at target – if that happens, will likely give a little boost. Won’t get the same boost from TF and NQ, most likely.

  3. on the dailys, TF is red, everything else green & looking like a hammer right now. TF is already below yesterday’s range – not sure what might be causing the disparity. TF, eyeballing it, seems to have about 70% of recent days’ range put in already & near it’s LOD. One line of thinking would say TF is more likely to consolidate up, then start trending lower past lod.

  4. YM was at a 50 day high yesterday, 21531. One line of thinking is that if it breaks its HOD, it’ll be drawn to 21531. If it breaks. Might be the boost ES needs to get to target.

  5. 6 ticks from target, 16 ticks to stop. In a good place. I’m happy with it right now.

    4 ticks from ES HOD, if it breaks, I’m betting there will be at least a 2 tick pop

  6. Ok, so that was a total “panic” decision. Almost always, panic costs you money. Let’s watch things for a while & see if it did this time.

  7. Woo – hoo. Nice winner. 41.5 to 44 for 2.5 point winner. That’ll put some food on the table. I’m happy.

  8. EOS touched HOD twice. No big size on the ask between hod & last night’s globex high. A 2 tick pop over hod seems reasonable.

  9. Everything pulling back. Doesn’t look like any break of HOD will happen in the next couple minutes. Off to get some ice water, brb. Hey, if anyone knows if something specific happended to TF at 10:28, email me.

  10. So, post-action analysis: A great trade. Hard to know if exiting early, if we traded this exact setup a 1000 times, would end in the end left money on the table. Still, + 2.5 – money in the bank. A great trade, I’m happy.

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