11 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=24273.75 st=2415.50 ts=15:50 (Disc)

  1. yest low was 27.75, which is our target. Today’s HOD 27.00. Since we’re near HOD in the ES, it’s an attractor level, as is yesterday’s Low. TF broke it’s hod, but the little boost was just that, little. NQ and YM just in bla bla mid-range. But the biggest view is that consolidation is more likely than new Lows in the ES at this point. We’re in a good position here.

  2. We’re in a very good position here now. Frustrating that we didn’t get filled yet, but still, in a very good position

  3. NQ looks to be being pulled to it’s HOD. Could happen about when TF breaks out, too. Both would be nice nudges to ES .

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