16 thoughts on “Buy ES NOW tg=2425.50 st=2419.00 ts=15:50

  1. Not sure what’s leading the NQ right now, but the other markets aren’t in lock step, so that’s worrisome. DOW at LOD, Nasdaq at HOD.

  2. right now, NQ is prob being drawn toward yesterday HOD, so that’s good, for now, for the trade. Not clear if ES will be at it’s target before then. Still, at this exact point in time, NQ is helping.

  3. OK, so let’s re-cap. First WOO-HOO, a winner! Always, always, allow yourself to celebrate the winners. Second, remember it was a discretionary trade, and it’s really hard to know what to learn after a discretionary trade. Right now, the “feeling” I have is that I was just lucky. In a few more minutes, the market will have moved more, so we’ll know whether we left money on the table (by reducing the target) or not. Or, if it goes down, we’ll feel like Superheros, having gotten the little top there.

  4. All the second – guessing, particularly after discretionary trades, is pretty taxing to your state of mind. In general, if I could, I just wouldn’t do it. Again, for discretionary trades. For mechanical systems, it’s easy to know what to do with the post-action anaylsis – that is, through that energy back into double/triple checking your system, to see if some of your hunches during the trade, could translate into making the system better.

  5. Looks like we could have made even more money with the trade. Lot of fills at 25.50.

    A good set-up & a good trade. I feel pretty good about it. it’s a good day.

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