13 thoughts on “*** Buy ES NOW Targ=2690.25 Stop=2670.25 TS=eod (disc)

  1. premise is: ascending wedges all over the place + breakout on the dailies with clear air above.

  2. reasons not to like the trade: NQ & Dow not above last trading days HOD. No pullbacks yet today on ES. Most of trading has been below the open on ES & NQ.

    reasons to like the trade: lots of clear space above on the dailies, assuming range from last trading day is breached. Patterns look good on dailies and 5 minute charts. Small range on Dow, BO might have legs. Ascending wedges everywhere. Monday.

  3. Hitting the target will require quite a bit of move, more than just a healthy pop on the BO.

  4. TF is at the HOD from the last two trading days. NQ still in yesterday’s range. ES has truly broken above yesterday’s range. YM just now breaking above yesterday’s range.

  5. TF might run a bit here. If it does, and that gives a boost to ES, might take an early exit. If things get asymptotic looking.

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