4 thoughts on “Buy ES APMDT ep=2746.00 ee=12:00 tg=2765.00 st=2736.00 ts=14:30 (disc)

  1. Price improvement on the entry. Was posting here on THQ while price dipped a little below my intended entry.

  2. Reasons to like the trade: Premise is good. Doesn’t require much range extension to hit target. Good risk/reward ratio. Current pullback, to get us to the entry, is about 50% of day’s range. We’re getting close to pulling back to the open, which is a level price often holds before initiating a trend. Price already went through yesterday’s close convincingly in ES, TF, and NQ.

    Reasons not to like the trade: We’re close enough to today’s low, that big money who wants to get long might wait until then to put on their positions. Stop is within the day’s range.

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