The Best Single Word Of Advice   – If you’re new to the concept of trading, maybe this short, easy to read article is the place to start.  It spells out my own personal take on the probability of success trading full-time for a living, and offers up a word of advice.   <…More…>

Trading For A Living – What To Expect – It seems everyone assumes successfull traders lead exciting lives, and make an obscene amount of money.  This is my attempt at telling what a trading lifestyle is *really* like, based on my observations of other traders I personally know.    <…More…>

Trading For A Living – What is Your #1 Goal? –  When you’re learning the ropes, you’ll at some point, probably become dazed at the confusing array of resources, books, and the like, that are available to new traders.  Deciding where to focus becomes important.  This article gives a mantra, to remember when you find yourself spread too thin.    <…More…>

Spock Would Have Been A Great Trader  – Emotions.  They’re what makes life wonderful, and simultaneously what destroys a lot of traders.  Read this article for a laugh or two, and to realize the wisdom in becoming somewhat “Spock-like.”    <…More…>

The 28 Reasons I Choose to Trade Futures  – There are so many options out there – stocks, options, ETFs, Binaries, Forex – it’s hard to choose.  This article lists out 28 reasons that Futures make sense, for me.    <…More…>

Discretionary Vs Mechanical Trading – Some Unituitive PROs and CONs  – What is Discretionary Trading?  What is Mechanical Trading?  It’s very helpful to understand the two, and to consider to what degree your trading should be either.  This article explores the PROs and CONs of the two approaches, to help you choose what’s best for you.     <…More…>

My Core Beliefs – It’s easy to ask the question “So what kind of trader are you?”  It’s a lot harder to answer.  This is my attempt.  It’s a list of the most significant beliefs I have about the way the markets really work, and what trading style really works (and doesn’t work) for me.    <…More…>

What Is A Trading Plan – Actually having a thought-through, written down Trading Plan has saved my bacon many times over the years.  This article explains what one is, why it’s valuable, and what to put in it.    <…More…>



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